Father-of-three Adam Walters wrote ‘All Night Through’ after seeing how his now 8-year-old daughter Sonia, who has a life-limiting condition, responded to music and the soothing voice of Haven House’s music therapist Maeve. 

Sonia’s rare chromosome condition affects her movement and speech but remarkably she responds to music by smiling and giggling. The lullaby, whose title was inspired by Sonia’s sweet personality, was recorded in our Amy Winehouse Foundation Music Room with Maeve singing the lyrics.

Adam, a composer, said:

Sonia absolutely loves playing drums. It makes her so happy, and it’s great to see her in action - although sometimes it can be pretty deafening! She loves music therapy at Haven House and is lucky at school to have teachers who encourage her love of music in class.

I often play the piano with Sonia and it’s fun to see what musical patterns she enjoys. One day, I was playing around with a couple of chords and she seemed particularly interested, so I thought I’d use those as the basis for a song. I could see how Sonia was calmed by Maeve's beautiful voice in her sessions at the hospice so it occurred to me to write a song for Maeve to sing, to which she generously agreed.

Sonia’s older sister Leila was also involved in singing some of the lines while a family friend recorded the flute accompaniment in Trinidad. Adam then pieced it all together in his home studio. Whenever Sonia hears the lullaby, she listens attentively and often smiles or giggles. It often calms her down when she gets distressed.


Sonia was born in Trinidad, in 2012, while Adam and his wife Amina were living and working there. It was immediately clear that she needed support from Great Ormond Street Hospital, so the family moved back to the UK.

Soon after that, they found out about Haven House, and Sonia started attending music therapy sessions. Music therapy is based on the belief that we can all respond to and appreciate music, despite disability or illness. It encourages children and young people to communicate and express themselves in whichever way they can. The sessions at Haven House give a space where children can play, explore, interact and communicate in a way that’s meaningful for them.

In addition to music Sonia has received day and overnight care from our specialist team and also enjoys yoga sessions. She particularly loves Haven House's sensory bath with all its lights and sounds.

Adam has released the lullaby on YouTube. It’s free to listen to, but Adam hopes that anyone who enjoys it will considering making a donation to Haven House – for the ‘amazing support’ we have provided to his family. 

He added:

Haven House is a great community for everyone involved. My wife got to know many of the mums when she started attending coffee mornings there soon after returning from Trinidad. Families meet each other at the different sessions and events organised for the children, so it's a great way for parents to get to know each other. 

Particular highlights for us are the Christmas and summer parties. Our eldest daughter has enjoyed making friends and taking part in the imaginative activities that are laid on for siblings. I also attend Zoom meetings of the Dads’ Group.

All Night Through composed by Adam Walters.

Vocals: Maeve Ryan and Leila Walters

Flute: Katy Gainham