A statement from Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive of Haven House, in response to the government's funding made available to hospices:

"Last month we welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement to pledge up to £200m to the UK’s hospice sector recognising the vital role that we play in supporting the country and our NHS in its fight against COVID-19. The Government and Hospice UK have acted quickly in distributing these funds to hospices and we are pleased that Haven House has received the two tranches of this. We anticipate one other funding instalment in the next few weeks or months.

Haven House remains on the frontline in providing care for some of the most vulnerable children in our local community. These emergency funds are essential in keeping us going in the short term and are enabling us to continue providing a lifeline and specialist care to our children and families.

We are determined to play our part and support the NHS at this critical moment, and are doing so through offering both beds and expertise, working closely every day with our NHS colleagues to ensure children at end of life and in non-emergency situations can be swiftly transferred out of hospital to free up those hospital beds.

This funding is very welcome but does not mean we can become complacent in our appeal for funds. The future still remains uncertain and who knows what the charity landscape will look like post COVID-19.

We rely on our local community for 80% of our income and that need remains and will continue. Please keep supporting the hospice in whatever way you can as we cope with the current crisis and the difficult times that will follow. 

I would like to thank our supporters who have responded to our call for help over the past weeks. Thank you for holding us in your hearts. This support is so essential and we will continue to need it now and into the future.”