16 weeks, 512 miles, 78 hours, 4,300m climbed and more than £2,500 raised for Haven House – Rob completes his sensational marathon challenge. 

Rob Print has completed his extraordinary physical feat of running three marathons and two half marathons this October in support of the children and families we help.

Rob, from Herne Hill, South London, completed the epic challenge in memory of his friend’s son Dylan – who died earlier this year and who was cared for by our hospice.

Robert said: “I know how vital and valued the care that Haven House provided to Dylan was, throughout his life. After Dylan sadly passed away early this year, I really wanted to do something to support the care that Haven House continues to provide to sick children and their families. 

What Dylan and his parents Will and Sarah went through, and the help and care Haven House provided, felt so significant that I wanted to do something more than just another single marathon. I’m grateful and pleasantly surprised that my body held up so well throughout the last 16 weeks and glad that I was able to do something meaningful for the hospice and for Dylan.

First up, Rob headed to the beautiful Highland roads for the Loch Ness marathon on Sunday 1 October. The course included a gruelling two-mile steep hill between miles 18 and 20 which he described as ‘attritional’. 

Rob powered on and the virtual Rugby Half Marathon, Chelmsford Marathon and Battersea Park Half Marathon followed – achieving his fastest time in this penultimate race. 

Rob’s final race was the Virtual New York Marathon, starting in Herne Hill. The most poignant stretch of his marathon effort was in nearby Higham Hill Park. 

Rob added: “I’m truly grateful to everyone who’s donated to the challenge to support Haven House, it really did help motivate me on the many days when my body ached and I absolutely did not want to go out for a run!”

Given how impressive this feat is, many may be wondering exactly how Robert did it. Alongside the grit and determination, it was powered by a wholesome diet of pasta, bread and quinoa!

“I started training 12 weeks before the first race and the training consisted of running four times per week - two easy runs, one workout run and then one long run (between 13-22 miles). On top of this, there was strength training, yoga and running form drills – it was pretty time-consuming! Before the races themselves, it was mainly just a matter of resting my legs and carb loading,” explains Rob. 

Five running challenges in just a month is an enormous challenge and quite simply extraordinary. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Robert for everything that he has done to help Haven House support seriously ill children at a time when they need us more than ever.