Exploring wildlife

Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, kindly donated 100 complimentary tickets to our children and families for the opening weekend of their Summer Evenings at the Zoo in July. Families were excited to have the opportunity to visit the park. Children explored the World of Animals, the World of Dinosaurs, Boulders Beach pool area and outdoor play areas. There were stilt walkers, face painting, acoustic singers and African drummers! 

Here are some lovely comments from our families:

Thank you for the tickets we received. We had a great time at Paradise Wildlife Park.
V and her brother were excited enjoying their journey in the middle of animals and DINO. Thank you for offering us such a great and wonderful opportunity to go out from our daily routine.

Buddies (siblings) Gaming Van Day

The Haven House car park was turned into a hub of excitement as the Essex Gaming Van pulled up. Twelve Buddies were split into two groups and had a great time gaming, engrossed in playing on PS4/ 5 and a virtual reality roller coaster game.

Whilst one group enjoyed the gaming, the other group were being treated to face-painting. They then enjoyed an afternoon in our field playing football, table-tennis, table football and field games. After the Gaming Bus pulled out there was a calming period of building Lego, magnetic shape building and arts & crafts.

All buddies left with a goody bag to their delight and with very big smiles!


Summer picnic 

Our first Family Summer Picnic was a great success! Families settled in the picnic area in front of the marquee while many children were excited to head straight over to the bouncy castle. The lawn was a hub of excitement where children were having their faces painted with their favourite superhero characters, or lovely designs, others were busy playing table tennis or quietly doing arts and crafts. There was a sensory gazebo filled with bright coloured balloons, large cushions and musical instruments where children were able to come out of their wheelchairs and take it in turns to lie on the cushions.

Haven House staff joined families to watch a show by the RAF Cadets in the playing field that ended in enthusiastic applauds by the children and adults. It was then back into the marquee for balloon artistry, more arts & crafts, Lego building, fruits and cake.

Everyone was relieved that the rain stayed away and children were able to play in the playground and field and continue to use the Bouncy Castle. Children were delighted to receive a soft cushion to take home before leaving.

Thank you for helping us create these memories. Nice for my son to get out and enjoy himself. The children had a great day.




Piñata & Pizza!

The Buddies had a smashing time at the Piñata making workshop!

Our children were eager to learn a new craft, whilst the instructors encouraged them to discuss their feelings and emotions on the day. The Buddies all made a Piñata each to take home with a surprise gift inside, after taking it in turns to rise to the challenge of smashing a piñata with their peers, bringing lots of excitement and laughter. Children were treated to a pizza lunch that was another plus of the day as well as relaxing, playing in the playground and playing football!

Feedback from some of the children included;

“I liked it because it taught us how to make piñatas”,

“The material was good and I enjoyed it a lot” – Julie,

“It was amazing and I loved it!” - Bodhi 8, “I loved it!” 

Twelve Buddies had a great day at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium Tour 

The Buddies were amazed by the football pitch, home and away changing rooms, treatment rooms and the players’ lounge. Using the personal devices provided, they were able to work their way around the stadium and listen to the history of the team to the present times. 

The highlights of the tour was eating our lunch on the home side seats overlooking the pitch where a Tottenham guide answered the Buddies questions and the being allowed to role play in the conference room.

A brilliant experience for our sibling support group and a way to get together and be comfortable around other children who are going through similar circumstances in a safe place. 

Buddies enjoyed a fishing day led by Cast a thought fishing coaches at Redbridge lakes

Through the rain, wind, and sunny spells our Buddies learned how to add bait to their fishing rods then sat with patience till they caught a fish.

After a discussion with their coaches and the opportunity to touch the fish, they then released the fish back to the lake. All the children gained a certificate of attending fishing session.

After having a lovely lunch at the café some of our children went blackberry picking while other played in the playground. Another wonderful day for our Buddies, enjoying and experiencing exciting activities through the summer months. 

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