The Seven Kings Lions Club very kindly donated a CADD pump to Haven House Children’s hospice. The members of Seven Kings Lions Club raised £2,750 through their Giving Tree initiative to purchase this vital piece of equipment for the hospice.

A CADD Pump is a new technology, a handheld device that is used for administering medication during end-of-life care. This portable machine allows families the flexibility to choose where they receive care. The CADD Pump can be taken to the child’s home if the child and their family wish, and it can be moved with the child if they need to be transported.

Specifically, the CADD Pump will serve as an essential tool for training Haven House nurses. The nurse-led unit takes direction on medication from the consultants at Great Ormond Street Hospital. A CADD Pump is pre-programmed with the correct dosages by the consultants at GOSH and sent to Haven House for the nurses to manage

Until now, Haven House nurses would only ever encounter a CADD Pump when managing the symptoms of a seriously ill child at the end of life, which is a very pressured time to learn how to use a new piece of equipment. The Seven Kings Lions Club have enabled Haven House nurses to practice with the CADD Pump regularly and become familiar with the equipment so that when the time comes, they will be able to use it confidently.

The Haven House Care team are so grateful to the members of the Seven Kings Lions Club and all their supporters.