Seven families will be completing a series of fitness and wellbeing inspired challenges this Sunday to support Haven House, a charity ‘close to their hearts’. 

The teams, all of whom live within a few miles of the hospice, are made up of 12 friends who met at St Aubyn's School, their parents and siblings – with the youngest participant being just 2 years old. 

In the spirit of lockdown, each household has created their own fun family challenge and are reaching out to friends and family for donations for the hospice, which cares for seriously ill children and their families. 

As Sunday 26 April, would have been the day of the iconic 26.2 mile London Marathon, each activity has been cleverly created around the theme of ‘26’ or ‘2.6’. The families will join thousands of people nationally who are raising money to support the UK’s charities by taking part in the #twopointsixchallenge. 



And here is their incredible line-up: 

  1. Taking on the ultimate football crossbar challenge, Team Hayes are attempting 26 balls on target, in no more than 26 minutes
  2. The Hairy Bikers, aka Team Reid will be spinning their wheels and burning rubber on a 2.6 mile cycle
  3. The runners and riders of Team Ingram will be pounding the road for a 2.6 mile run and scoot-along.
  4. Team Rhodes will be live on Zoom for a virtual, family-friendly flow of 26 sun salutations. Namaste!
  5. Upping the ante Team Tharratt will attempt a mini triathlon featuring a 26-pool lap relay, a 2.6 mile bike ride and a 2.6k run!
  6. Team Cribb will be stepping up to shoot some hoops, slam dunking no less than 26 baskets!
  7. And Team Burstin will each dazzle and entertain with a performance containing 26 echappe sautés!

Mum Katie, who is part of Team Hayes alongside husband Ben and sons Jasper and Leo, said: “It’s often easy to take our health for granted, so it’s important that we - and our children - are able to do something to support those who aren't quite as fortunate. 


Most, if not all of us have been involved in fundraising for Haven House before and have enjoyed many of their events including the annual Pumpkin Plod and Sparkle Walks. We understand how important it is to continue to keep the funding going through such a difficult time and support the incredible work the charity does. 


She added: “We also love the idea of supporting a local cause that’s on our doorstep and close to our hearts.” 

Team Hayes: Katie, Ben, Jasper and Leo

Team Ingram: Rozy, Gary, Clark and Issac

Team Reid - Mark, Jess and Teddy

Team Tharrat - James, Constance, Max , Dylan, and Leo

Team Rhodes - Chris, Becky, Tilly and Henry

Team Bustin - Jon, Cindy, Ava and Lila

Team Cribbs - Nick, Sabrina and India

Keep an eye on the @HavenHouseCH Instagram page to see how the Super Seven get on.