As so many children that use Haven House are at greater risk of complications due to COVID-19, many families are shielding at home. Families that already experience isolation are even more isolated than usual. 

Children and their families are at home all day every day, with much less support than usual, and are unable to attend their usual sessions at Haven House.

We have started to offer remote music therapy sessions, using the Zoom video conferencing app. This means that children can continue their regular weekly therapy input at a time when they need it most, and when other support isn’t available. 

Roxanne Scott, Haven House’s Music Therapist Lead, said:

''The great thing about Zoom is that it’s a safe way of ensuring we can maintain the relationship we have with our children and families. It allows us to be there with them, to hear and see them whilst they can hear and see us.''

It allows us to keep contact with families, so that they know we are still thinking about them and their needs. When families are at home 24/7, it can provide a much-needed break. Therapeutic support can be particularly important for children during times of uncertainty when life can feel unpredictable. Music therapists are in a position to help meet the emotional needs of children and support their wellbeing in this way.

Families tell us that it provides a vital link to normality, whilst offering a break in the day, structure and routine. Children are reassured by the familiarity and being able to see their therapist’s face at the same time they usually would each week. 

Musically, we can respond in real time to the music children create at home and support them to enjoy singing their favourite familiar songs. 

Roxanne added:

We know that Zoom sessions can’t offer everything that a face to face therapy session can, but for now, we hope that being able to offer something is better than nothing at all. We look forward to seeing our families back at Haven House for their regular music therapy sessions as soon as possible. For now, we hope offering sessions remotely in this way fills a gap during a really difficult time.


One family benefitting from the virtual music sessions are the Thomas family. Four-year-old Annabelle has been able to enjoy her weekly session with Roxanne in her living room surrounded by her toys and dressed as her favourite Disney character Moana. 

Mum Michelle said:

"Being confined to the house for the next 12 weeks is going to be tough. We are going to really miss the social aspect of visiting Haven House. But at least we know we are safe and secure and we still get to see Roxanne for music. Annabelle has really enjoyed the virtual sessions. She shouts ‘Yes’ when she knows that Roxanne is going to pop up on the computer screen."

They offer us opportunities to experience something very special together as a family while creating wonderful moments.

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