Haven House is such a special place to work and it’s brilliant to be part of a team which makes an incredible difference to families in the local area. What I love about music therapy is that it can support children and young people in so many unique ways and at different stages of life.

Music therapy is based on the belief that we can all respond to and appreciate music, despite disability or illness. It’s not about teaching children and young people like in a music lesson, but rather helping them to communicate and express themselves in whichever way they can.

In our wonderful Amy Winehouse Foundation Music Room, we have a large selection of instruments which children can use to explore sounds and create music. To see a child become engaged and smile as they interact with music in a one-to-one session is such a lovely experience; especially for the parents.

For children with life-limiting conditions, music therapy can help address their overall needs, focusing on increasing communication, interaction and social skills and enhancing physical skills and promoting overall wellbeing.

Music therapy is also available to young people with cancer and siblings of Haven House children, where song writing and composition can be used for self-expression and as a safe outlet to explore emotions.

Our Teenage Cancer Group recently took part in a song-writing workshop with X-Factor star Leona Lewis. Having Leona visit was really special and she was so supportive of the teenagers.

It was a complete surprise for them and she gave valuable reflections about the song-writing process. The teenagers have already come up with all of the musical ideas which we have turned into a demo track and we hope to record the vocals for the song in the next few months.

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