Music therapy is an established health profession which uses the medium of music to meet therapeutic goals and support babies, children and young people to reach their potential. Sessions are delivered by fully qualified HCPC (Health Care Professions Council) registered music therapists and sessions are child-led and tailored towards the individual needs of the baby, child or young person.

Music Therapists work with any baby/child or young person who meets Haven House criteria following an initial assessment. We also work with siblings of service users. 

Music Therapy addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of the individual and is based on the belief that we can all respond to and appreciate music, despite disability or illness. In a hospice setting music therapy offers a safe space for babies, children and young people to be expressive through the unique non-verbal language of music. Interactions are led by the baby/child/young person and during sessions they have the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they can. The music therapist is uniquely trained to respond to any cues in a sensitive and validating manner.

What are some of the aims of the music therapy?

 The aims of the sessions are dependent on the needs of the client, but some examples of aims are:
-    Safe space for expressing emotions
-    Development of communication skills 
-    Development of motor control skills 
-    Development of social interaction
-    Supporting grief/loss
-    Supporting challenging behaviour

What does music therapy at Haven House look like?

Once referred to music therapy, your baby/child/young person will have an initial assessment session with one of the music therapy team. The music therapist will spend some time getting to know them and you and explaining what music therapy is and how it could support them.

Your child will then be offered one of the following:

  • An initial block of 10 individual music therapy sessions to take place either at Haven House, your home or school
  • A music therapy group

At the end of a block of music therapy a report will be written by the music therapist.

What music therapy groups do you offer?

We currently offer the following groups:
•    Wriggles and Rhymes – a monthly music therapy group for children under 5 
•    Under 5s group – a monthly stay and play group featuring music 
•    After school music therapy groups
•    Saturday family music groups – once a month for the whole family
•    Out of school music therapy groups – for children who cannot attend school
•    Young Adult Group – a monthly social group at St Francis Hospice, Romford

We also offer sessions for babies/children/young people who are at Haven House for respite/day care.

What can I expect from music therapy?

All sessions are different but sessions are generally structured with a hello song at the start and goodbye song at the end. Session may feature free musical improvisation, structured musical games, relaxation, mindfulness, activities to develop motor control, call and response style interactions to develop communication skills and much more! 

"Music therapy gives us quality family time and is something we all look forward to each week. It’s fun and easy to be part of, yet so beneficial for Kai and we all gain a better understanding of each other. It’s a chance to learn and help Kai grow."

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To find out more about music therapy please contact:

Roxanne Waldron
Music Therapist
020 8506 3765