Music therapy is an established health profession which uses the medium of music, in a therapeutic relationship with your child.

It helps to address individual physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. Music therapy is based on the belief that we can all respond to and appreciate music, despite disability or illness. We provide music therapy to address this as well as organising group music-making sessions.

Thanks very much for offering music therapy and trying to make it as easy as possible for us to be there.


In one-to-one sessions our therapists use music and their voices to respond to the child at their level. Interactions are led by the child and during the sessions, the child has the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they can, with the therapists responding to any cues in a sensitive and validating manner.

Music therapy is also available to young people with cancer and siblings of Haven House children, where song writing and composition can be used for self-expression and as a safe outlet to explore emotions.

Music therapy gives us quality family time and is something we all look forward to each week. It’s fun and easy to be part of, yet so beneficial for Kai and with guidance from Maeve we all gain a better understanding and knowledge. It isn't just a family event it’s a chance to learn and help Kai grow.

The Amy Winehouse Teenage cancer group project - Our Song

Our Teenage Cancer Group have written and recorded an original track, that is available for download now, with any sale profits going to Haven House.

The track, which includes elements of rap, hip-hop and grime, is accompanied by a video, featuring hard hitting images of the youngsters undergoing treatment, in order to share the reality of their illnesses.

By using their talents, skills and relationships with each other and members of staff, the teenage cancer group have brought to life their experiences of cancer by creating a piece of music that tells their story in a way that words can’t.

Download the track below:


Part funded by the Amy Winehouse Foundation
Registered Charity No. 1143740 (England & Wales)

To find out more about music therapy please contact:

Roxanne Scott
Music Therapist
020 8506 3765