We are part of the wider health economy and we cannot operate in isolation without taking into account the changing landscape and funding structures across health, education and social care.

We aim to be the number one choice for referrers in our local areas, but we recognise the need to work with other providers to offer choice.

To understand the palliative care landscape we have mapped other providers in our local area to understand our position in the marketplace. This will ensure we avoid the duplication of services, identify service gaps and find ways to collaborate to add value to families' lives.

By collaborating with other children's hospices (particularly those involved in Children's Hospices across London), Integrated Care Systems, local authorities and private sector providers we can offer a menu of local services for people to choose from.

We believe this will help to highlight the added value that hospices can bring in addition to respite and end-of-life care and provide other opportunities to fund family support and therapeutic services.

Our relationships with Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and CHaL have supported us to address a number of strategic challenges that we share including mapping services and planning, workforce training and development, raising awareness and fundraising.

Through CHaL we have also been able to offer palliative care training to GPs and community nurses and we intend to build on this to help us break down misconceptions of hospice care with potential referrers.

To discuss health, education or social care partnership opportunities please contact 020 8505 9944.