We are delighted to announce that the Citi charity partnership with Haven House and Richard House Children’s Hospices raised an incredible £260,000 during 2016-17. This income, split equally across both hospices, has made an enormous impact on the children and families that we care for.

Citi’s support helped the hospices to deliver vital clinical care, therapeutic and residential services to more than 650 life-limited children and young adults at the hospices.

Examples of new services that were launched during the partnership included Haven House's Hospice at Home service, a new Teenage Cancer Group, a new Dads' Group to support fathers which was put in place at both hospices, and increased investment into sibling support and experiences at Richard House.

Throughout the partnership, over 500 Citi volunteers engaged with the hospices, volunteering their time and expertise. This not only provided much needed hands on help, but also enabled the hospices to build strong relationships within Citi.

On behalf of all the children, parents, nurses and staff at Haven House and Richard House, we extend our gratitude to Citi for an amazing partnership.