While our services based at the hospice are extremely important, we have been aware for some time that there are many families who do not access our excellent services for various reasons. We want to ensure that we can support you and your child in the comfort of your own home if this is your choice.

You may not want to come to the hospice because it is too stressful to travel with your child or too disruptive to family life.

Over the last year the nursing team has delivered services such as respite, play, music therapy and end-of-life care at home to over 30 children and young people. Many of these children would not have been able to access our care if going to the hospice was the only option.

It is really important to be able to offer services in the place of choice that our children and young people want. It has been a privilege to support parents in caring for their children in the privacy and comfort of their own homes and we are determined to extend this provision across the sector.

To discuss your family's situation please contact:

Michele Higgins
Specialist Children’s Outreach Nurses
020 8505 9944

For more information about our referral criteria please visit our Refer a Child section.