When I first saw the advertisement for nurses at my local children’s hospice - Haven House, I thought to myself – can I do this?

Can I really, even with all my years of nursing and experience in critical care, cope with what I may face in that environment? What if I cannot be the nurse I thought I could be? Or really wanted to be? What if, in the very moment that it really matters, I break down or hesitate and cannot give the service to those who truly need it?

But…I thought…

The time has come to move forward to become that nurse and to be the professional that I had envisaged.

Many times I have met so many inspirational nurses, people I really admire, along my career path and they all had one thing in common, they listened to their patients and their families, they found the time and they delivered high standards of care. That was the nurse I wanted to be and that is why, once I took a deep breath and walked through the door at Haven House, I have never turned back.

I believe one to one nursing care benefits the children greatly.

We care for the children from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes.

We have time to take part in creative play, to read a sensory story, to go for a walk in our wonderful grounds and still provide high standards of clinical care.

All of that care is so important to the child and to their families.

We are able to take time to speak to a parent that is finding it difficult at home or offer support and services that will help them to find a way to make life a little easier. Being a healthcare professional that walks their path with them is a great privilege and extremely fulfilling. Working here has made me a better nurse.

Some days, yes, it is incredibly sad and difficult. But to be able to support families to be together in those last precious days is immensely important to me. Giving children and their families choice and being able to provide a caring and compassionate environment within their locality is central to why I work at Haven House.

So, if the time has come to step into the nursing career you wish you could have, my advice is, don’t waste a moment.

If you would like to discuss nursing at Haven House, please contact:
Resourcing team
020 8506 5524