Being a black cab driver in London means you don’t get to stretch your legs or exercise as often as you’d like. After a while it can mean that you begin to feel unwell. I wanted to get fit and came across the Couch to 5k Running App.

I took my first step into running and slowly managed to run a 5k. It was hard and took me twice as long as recommended but I did it. After this, I began to look forward to my runs which was quite a challenge to fit into my work schedule.

After a shaky start on my running journey, I have now found that running not only helps me unwind but it gives me thinking time. Being outside after a long day in the cab, it’s almost become my therapy.

When the opportunity came to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Haven House I jumped at the chance. Not only could I take my running further, but it also means I can do something special for a charity that is so important to my family.

My son Antony has been undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Through Haven House Antony has been able to mix with other children of a similar age and who are going through similar treatment. Haven House holds a regular Teenage Cancer Group which Antony looks forward to. It means he can have fun and interact with his peers. Sometimes it’s just playing pool, eating pizza or generally hanging out which is exactly what teenagers want to do. Haven House also provides therapies for Antony like yoga, music therapy and physiotherapy. It’s been great for him.

Congratulations to Ian for raising more than £1,400 for Haven House! 

Why not join our #Team15 and sign up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2018