Accessing physiotherapy at Haven House initially involves an assessment of your child’s physical needs to identify the level of input required.

Following an assessment, physiotherapy sessions work towards improving/maintaining your child’s joint range of movement, muscle strength, balance and co-ordination to maximise function. We are also involved in supporting end of life care with the Haven House nursing team.

Physiotherapy may also involve devising a personalised exercise programme that can be carried out at home or setting up a postural management programme to minimise further deterioration in your child’s posture.

Additionally, assessments can take place for specialist equipment, if it is felt that your child may benefit from a piece of specialist equipment to either aid function or support postural management. We can advise on charities that may be able to assist funding of the specialist equipment.

Hydrotherapy sessions are also provided following assessment and if clinically indicated.

The Physiotherapy service at Haven House is delivered by Kids Physio London, a skilled team of experienced paediatric physiotherapists. The initial assessment takes place at Haven House and thereafter sessions take place in their clinics at either Highams Park or Waltham Abbey where there is a range of rehabilitation equipment to access. The service at Haven House is supplementary to the NHS and close liaison takes place between services.

To discuss a referral to Haven House services please contact:

Clinical Nurse Manager
020 8498 5857 (Monday – Thursday 9-3, Friday 9-5) 07872 198285 (out-of-hours mobile)

For more information about our referral criteria please visit our Refer a Child section.