Accessing physiotherapy at Haven House initially involves an assessment of your child’s physical needs to identify the level of input required.

Following an assessment, physiotherapy sessions work towards improving/maintaining your child’s joint range of movement, muscle strength, balance and co-ordination to maximise function.

Physiotherapy may also involve devising a personalised exercise programme that can be carried out at home or setting up a postural management programme to minimise further deterioration in your child’s posture.

Additionally, assessments can take place for specialist equipment, if it is felt that your child may benefit from a piece of specialist equipment to either aid function or support postural management.

Physiotherapy is offered at Haven House by Donna Nicol, a skilled and experienced paediatric physiotherapist. The service at Haven House is supplementary to the NHS and close liaison takes place between services.

To discuss a referral to Haven House services please contact:

Clinical Nurse Manager
020 8506 5513 (Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm)
07872 198285 (out-of-hours mobile)

For more information about our referral criteria please visit our Refer a Child section.