We are very excited to be working with Galliard Homes and students from Bancroft's, Davenant, Highams Park, Ilford County High and Woodford County High Schools on this inaugural enterprise project.

Your team has been given £50 seed capital provided by Galliard Homes, to plan and facilitate your first event. Taking the profit from this event, you will plan further fundraising activities, reinvesting some or all of your income for every event until you raise your target of £1,500. The completion date for your project is Wednesday 3rd April by which time all money needs to be transferred to Haven House.

May update

We celebrated the completion of our first Schools Enterprise Project with a fantastic Awards Evening on 15 May. It was great to have the young people, teachers, Galliard Homes Mentors and supporters all in one room. We enjoyed hearing from each school about their achievements over the 12 weeks, the skills they had learnt and how they'd developed as individuals through the process. It has been a hugely successful pilot project and we want to thank you all for making this such an amazing experience. It was wonderful to see how much the young people have grown in confidence and how they worked together as a team to achieve success. 




March update

Congratulations everyone you have completed your Schools Enterprise Project! I hope you have all enjoyed your experience and learned lots of valuable skills that you can build on in the future. The final date for transferring the money over to Haven House is Wednesday 3 April so please ensure you have collected all the money in from your fundraising events in plenty of time.

The Easter holidays are on the horizon, so now is a good time to start planning your presentation. There are awards for Innovation and the Best Presentation, so think about how you will make yours stand out. This is your showcase and a great opportunity to display your journey throughout the process, so make it count. Remember to include photos and videos too. 

February update

All schools have now completed their first mentors meeting where the teams updated their mentors with the events that had already taken place and other events in the planning stages. You are coming up with some great ideas which will be considered when judging the Innovation Award, so well done everyone. Continue to be energetic and enthusiastic to keep the momentum going!

Davenant School attended their mentors meeting at Galliard's Head Office. 

After half term there will only be 4 weeks left to complete your challenge so you do need to ensure that your plans are in place and have been approved; that you have assigned roles to ensure the smooth running of your event; that you have budgeted appropriately to give a good return on investment and that you have promoted your events to your fellow students so your events are well supported.

If, despite your best efforts, you feel you are falling behind with your income and planning, this is your opportunity to work with your mentors to put contingency plans in place. Your next meeting with your mentors is w/c 4th March and although they will be contactable by email, this will be the last time you will see them in person before the Awards Evening in May so please make the most of it. 

To help you to adopt standard business practices, for your next meeting we would like you to create an agenda and email it to your mentors one week before the meeting. Ensure you all attend and arrive on time and that you are fully prepared. Please bring any relevant paper work with you to evidence what you have been doing so far.

Allocate roles so each individual member of your team will do one of the following: 

  • Chair the meeting and keep it to time
  • Take minutes of the meeting and record action points
  • Update on completed events
  • Give an accurate financial report on progress to date
  • Present future events and budgeting plans 
  • Report on marketing and promotion of upcoming events

Remember each mentor will be giving an award to one member of each team so this is your chance to impress. 

*If you need any resources such as banners, balloons or poster templates please get in touch with Ginny and she will organise this.

Good luck everyone!

January update

The Launch Evening on 9th January was a great success with lots of information about the challenge and the work of Haven House. There was a real buzz in the room as you and your mentors got together for the first time to start your initial planning and we can't wait to see those ideas put into practice. 

Here are some photos taken at the launch night. We would like to update these photos regularly so please share your photos with us. Remember to make sure you have permission first.