Schools can make a real difference to families like Jessica's by taking on a fundraising challenge. All of our activities are flexible so they can work all-year round.

Here are some fun ways to get fundraising:
    • Zzz – Why not host a sponsored sleepover at your school. Set up games, a movie or anything you like.
    • Turn up the volume – Organise a silent disco at your school and prepare to dance the night away to all your favorite tunes.
    • Games Night – Host an evening of games and challenges at your school. To get the ball rolling on your fundraising why not offer drinks, food and snacks as part of the ticket entry.
    • Bring the Olympics home – A school Olympic fundraiser is a great way to fundraise and get everyone involved. So, dust off your trainers and get ready for a day that is set to get your heart racing!
    • Non-uniform Day – Tried, tested and loved by all why not have a non-uniform day. If you really want to have some fun why not make it themed!
    • The Masked Talent Show – In this talent show with a twist participants will have to hide their identity, similar to the talent show The Masked Singer. You’ll need a panel of judges and attendees can pay a small entrance fee. For some extra fun, students can try to guess which teacher is behind the mask.
    • Did somebody say cake? - Show off your baking skills by organising a school wide.

Other ways you can support us:

The School Enterprise Project was developed in 2019 to provide opportunities for schools and their students to develop their fundraising skills. Participating schools develop their own fundraising projects with the £50 seed money we provide them and are tasked with turning that into £1,500.

“It was a pleasure for me and my classmates to support Haven House. I hope the bond between the school and Haven House continues for the foreseeable future”.

The next School Enterprise Project will take place in September 2023, if you are interested in taking part please get in touch for more information.

Whatever you decide our team will support you throughout your fundraising. We can send you balloons, collection buckets, posters and more to help kickstart your challenge.

To let us know about your fundraising or for more information please contact:

Sarah Harris
Community and Events Manager