Increasing numbers of young people with life-limiting conditions are living longer, and this means the transition from children’s services into adult services is often daunting for families and young people.

We want families to feel supported to make this a positive and smooth experience. We have a dedicated Transition Worker who works closely with you, your child (age 14+) and professionals to ensure all care is coordinated to enable a smooth transition once your child reaches their 18th birthday. 

Transition can be a time of uncertainty for young people and their families. They can experience feelings such as worry, stress, anxiety and loss. However, we aim to support families to ensure a transparent, reliable and positive transition to adult support services.

Go to the My Adult still My Child website.

Read the Together for Short Lives guide: Moving to Adult Services PDF (7.8mb)

To discuss a referral to Haven House services please contact:

Clinical Nurse Manager
020 8506 5524 (Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm)
07872 198285 (out-of-hours mobile)

For more information about our referral criteria please visit our Refer a Child section